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Corpus Christi College University of Cambridge

International Students

At Corpus we have a long tradition of accepting undergraduates from across the world, and are proud of our diverse student body. We are one of the smaller colleges, so international students usually find it easy to settle in and make friends here – a crucial part of helping you adjust to UK life.

We welcome applicants from different educational systems, and have experience in assessing international students from around the world. Our Admissions Tutor, Dr. Michael Sutherland, is a member of the Cambridge University overseas interview team, traveling to Singapore, China, India and Malaysia to conduct admissions interviews.

Who's eligible?

We welcome qualified applicants from both EU and non-EU countries. If you're unsure of what Cambridge looks for, the University web site for international undergraduate applicants will tell you more about entrance requirements for students taking your qualification.

Funding for international students

Funding is limited but Cambridge does offer some full scholarships for students from particular countries, and some part-scholarships funded by the Cambridge Trust. You can usually apply for these after you’ve received an offer.

If you get a Cambridge Trust award but still have a small shortfall in the funds you need, Corpus may be able to help with an additional scholarship of up to £4000 per year depending on your circumstances.

Corpus also offers three full scholarships to support non-UK students in their undergraduate studies in Cambridge:

The Girdlers’ Scholarship

This is awarded yearly to a New Zealand citizen who has completed at least eight years of schooling in New Zealand. The value is £32,000 per year to cover university and college fees, plus some living expenses.

Find out how to apply on the Universities New Zealand website.

The Peter Windle Scholarship

This is awarded every third year to a student preferably from the South Island of New Zealand. It covers tuition and college fees plus living costs for a three-year degree. You can be considered for this award by applying for the Girdler’s Scholarship – see above.

The Hong Kong Link Scholarship

This award was set up to support the long tradition of scholars from Hong Kong studying at the College. It is awarded to an academically strong student from Hong Kong who applies to study for an undergraduate degree at Corpus Christi College. The scholarship is intended for students who would not normally have the means to study overseas and covers college and tuition fees, plus living expenses for a three-year degree.

If you wish to be considered for this award, you should apply for the Prince Philip Scholarship in the normal way.

Tell me more

If you have any questions about joining Corpus as an international student, please contact