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Financial Information

Your College Account

You will receive a statement at the beginning of each term detailing the College charges that are due for payment and one third of both the College and University tuition fees. The latter will be less any contribution from the Student Loans Company.

Payment is due in full within two weeks of receipt of your College Bill. If you cannot settle your account within two weeks, you should talk to your Tutor immediately. You will incur an administration fee and an interest charge if you pay late without good reason. If the account continues to remain unpaid after the end of term, you may be asked to leave college accommodation until the amount outstanding has been cleared.

A final statement for the year is sent at the end of the Easter Term; this must be paid by 31st July. Otherwise, interest will be charged and accommodation for the next academic year withheld.

All undergraduates must have settled their college account in full before they can graduate. For this reason, in your final year you will receive an estimated bill for payment in two installments at the beginning of the Lent and Easter terms, to cover your final term. It will be based on your previous spending patterns and any over-payment will be refunded promptly after you graduate.

How to settle your College Account

Payment is made through the College Finance Office, situated on the ground floor of ‘A’ staircase in New Court. Cheques (please write your name and College account number on the back), debit cards and inter-bank transfers are all accepted. Please speak promptly to a member of the Finance Office staff if you have any queries about your bill.

Payments in cash cannot exceed £10,000 and arrangements for payments in cash in excess of £1,000 must be arranged in advance.

If you are an international student studying with us, you can also use Transfermate.

What your College Account includes

Your College Account will include the following charges:

  • Room Rent: Term-time leases cover term-time only. Continuous leases secure accommodation from the beginning of the Michaelmas Term to the end of the Easter Term.
  • Laundry Charge: This is a charge of approximately £11 per term for the use of the laundry machines in College (no other payment is required when using them).
  • Meal charges: Each course and each item within a course of meals is individually priced. A cashless card system is used for all self-service meals in hall and for Formal Hall. It can also be used in the College bar, where sandwiches, confectionery, snacks, soft drinks and hot drinks are available.
  • Sundry charges: Other costs that you might incur include additional room heating charges, printing charges and use of guest rooms.

Help with Funding

Please contact either your Tutor or the Tutorial Office if you have specific financial questions or worries. The College has several funds which can be accessed by Undergraduate students, including the following:

  • Hardship Funding: If you find yourself in financial hardship, please consult your Tutor for advice without delay. Remember that the sooner the problem is tackled, the easier it will be to sort things out. If you have a Financial Notification which states that you are entitled to a UK Government Maintenance Grant, then you could be eligible for a Cambridge Bursary. These bursaries are awarded automatically, so there is no application procedure. You will receive a letter outlining any bursary awarded early in the Michaelmas Term. There are also other bursaries and grants, such as the University's Undergraduate Hardship Fund. However, your should always first consult your Tutor, who will be able to advise you if any are applicable to your circumstances and help you to make the application.
  • Travel and Internship Grants: Corpus provides some funding towards travel and internships in the vacations. Application details will be circulated by the Tutorial Office at the beginning of each term.
  • Study Grants: Some funding towards extra, unexpected expenses incurred as a result of your studies is available. This might cover costs associated with dissertation research, travel and entry fees to museums and libraries, costs of materials for lab projects and so on. Please consult your Tutor in the first instance. Applications are considered throughout the year.
  • Frisby Sports Grants: Corpus has a small fund for sporting activities. Applications for this open in Michaelmas Term. Please watch out for an email from the Tutorial Office containing full details of the application procedure.