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Personal and Professional Development Courses

Any business is the sum of the people at its heart, therefore it is key for companies to appreciate the importance of helping staff continue to learn, grow, and realise their potential.

Corpus Christi College works together with Valued Learning and Roem Limited to offer a range of relevant and affordable training courses to advance individuals and teams interpersonal, managerial and software skills.

Valued Learning

Stephen Blyth who owns Valued Learning designs training that is structured to meet your learning style, so you will be much more engaged. Linking the content of the training with what you already know and do, will enable you to come away with a clear action plan to change your behaviour and improve your skills. With an energetic approach to the training session, Stephen makes learning fun and relatable to your work.

Roem Limited 

Karen Roem is a local trainer and specialist in Microsoft Office and can help you to improve your Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint skills to be more effective and save time during a busy work day. It may be a cliché, but you don't know what you don't know and most people only use a fraction of what is possible in Microsoft Office. The half day sessions are designed to show and teach you what is possible, without overloading you.