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Exam FAQs

If you have a query which is not covered here, please contact the Tutorial Office for advice.

Where do I find information about examinations and exam venues?

The comprehensive guide to exams can be found here. Do take time to read the guidance carefully; you'll see that there is also specific detailed guidance for in-person, Inspera and Moodle exams.

Information about exam venues can be found here.

What support is available?

The Tutorial Office and your tutor can help with many aspects of exam-related concerns or anxieties. There is also support available from the University; for more information please check their Exam Support page.

The Student Wellbeing Website contains guidance for students on how to protect and improve wellbeing.

When and how do I enrol for my exams?

Exam enrolment is carried out on-line through CamSIS during the early part of the Michaelmas Term. Firstly, discuss your paper choices with your Director of Studies and ensure that what you propose to take has his or her approval. Then you can register for the exams through your personal account on CamSIS (the Tutorial Office will send out an e-mail containing detailed instructions early in the term). Your DoS will then go on-line and approve your entry.

How will I know that my entry has been processed?

In the Lent Term you will be asked to check your entry in CamSIS and confirm it is correct - a process called Exam Verification.  .

What if I change my mind about my paper options?

Please consult with your DoS immediately; if it is feasible in teaching terms and he or she agrees to the change, then tell the Tutorial Office and they will institute the change for you. You can do this until you have confirmed your entry in the Lent Term; thereafter, no changes are possible.

Are there any extra arrangements for candidates with special needs?

Yes, if you have an up-to-date Educational Psychologist’s report that recommends that you have additional time and/or use a computer (for instance for dyslexia, dyspraxia or dysgraphia), exams will be arranged in alternate venues within the University. You should talk to your Tutor and the Tutorial Office about this before Christmas. Candidates with other conditions are encouraged to talk to their Tutor for advice if they wish to request sitting exams in college instead of in the normal exam location.

Are there any study spaces in college as well as the Taylor Library?

Between 17 April and 19 May 2023 you can use as an alternative study space any of the rooms in the Harley Mason Suite on the ground floor of H staircase: the Harley Mason Room, Law Room and Cambridge Room. The rooms will be opened by the Porters at 9am and closed at 11pm every day including weekends. After 19 May we will need the Harley Mason Suite rooms for in-college exams.

In addition, Leckhampton residents may use the library on the ground floor of the GTB – you should already have card access.

Please remember that all these spaces are meant to be quiet study areas, and that you should not take in any food. We also ask that you do not ‘reserve’ a desk or table space as your own by leaving your belongings there all day.

When will I know the timetable?

Timetables are generally available in March or April both online and through your CamSIS self-service account (click on 'Examination timetable').

Where can I find my candidate number (or 'blind grade number')?

You can find your candidate number by logging into CamSIS self-service ('Exams' tile) or checking your Exam Confirmation Form. If in doubt, please contact the Tutorial Office ( or 01223 763583).

What is an ECF?

An ECF is an Exam Confirmation Form printed on yellow paper and issued to students taking in-person exams. It contains a personalised timetable that includes your exam locations and candidate number. Please take the ECF with you to your exams.

ECFs for students taking exams in the Early Exam Period have already been issued via college pigeonholes. Those students sitting exams in the Main Exam Period will receive them a bit later in the Easter Term.

If you have any Exam Access Arrangements (e.g. extra time) please note that these will not be specified on the ECF. The Tutorial Office will write to you separately with information regarding your approved Exam Access Arrangements.

What happens if I am taken ill shortly before or during my exam?

If you are feeling well enough to take the exam then you should go to the exam venue (or start the exam if it's online) and do your best. Afterwards, please see a doctor and tell your Tutor as soon as possible as they can seek any allowances that are appropriate.

If you become unwell during the exam, you should alert the invigilator in the exam room, who will be able to take appropriate action. For online exams, you should submit the work you have completed so far and contact the Tutorial Office immediately. It is important that you seek medical support as soon as you are able to.

If you are too ill to attend the exam venue or to start your online exam then you must contact the Tutorial Office immediately. You will be marked as absent from the exam. The Tutorial Office and your tutor will then discuss with you what mitigations may be appropriate. Also, as soon as you are able to, you should contact a medical professional.

The Tutorial Office will be open from 8.30am to 5pm every weekday (; 01223 763583).

It is very important that you contact the Tutorial Office if you are unwell on the day of your exam, and that you obtain evidence of illness as soon as you can to support any subsequent application for an allowance.

Whom do I contact for an exam emergency?

Please email as soon as possible, copying in your Director of Studies and Tutor. The Tutorial Office will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Outside office hours (before 8.30am or after 5pm), please also contact the Porters' Lodge, as they can phone an on-call member of staff for any exam emergencies.

Can I take food and snacks to the exams?

You can take a small bottle of water but nothing else unless you have a medical need. If the latter applies to you, you’ll need to give the Tutorial Office a letter from your doctor confirming this well in advance so they can get the necessary permission for you.

What is plagiarism?

Students are expected to familiarise themselves on the University's definition of plagiarism and the referencing and academic practice guidance issued by their Faculty or Department. Plagiarism is a serious issue and can result in disciplinary charges.

When will I receive my results?

The dates for publication of results to your CamSIS record for Easter Term will be published here in May.

Can I get a detailed breakdown of my marks?

Your complete breakdown of marks will be available on CamSIS at the same time as, or shortly after, your Class is posted on your student record. You may receive further feedback from your DoS. After you graduate, you will have access to a complete official transcript of your entire three or four years’ exams. Students who matriculated from 2020 onwards will also receive an overall degree classification, which will appear on their degree transcript. More detailed information is available here.

I did very well – will I get a prize?

All those who get firsts will be eligible for a scholarship. Directors of Studies also nominate some of those with high 2:Is for awards and there are many additional honours. The prizes are decided by Governing Body over the summer; letters and payments are made early in Michaelmas Term.