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Financial Arrangements

The University Composition Fee (UCF) covers the core provision of your course. In broad terms, your College is responsible for providing advice and support mechanisms for your general welfare, while the University organises lecture programmes (where appropriate), practicals and laboratory work, examinations and the award of degrees.

If you are interested in knowing more about how the University and the Colleges spend their income, please visit this webpage on the University's Information Hub.

Your offer letter from the University will have outlined on what basis your University Composition Fee (UCF) has been calculated. This will include a classification of you as either a 'Home' student or an 'Overseas' student.

The College collects the UCF on behalf of both the University and College. If your UCF is being paid by somebody else (including the University), you should confirm this in writing with us if you have not already done so. Please note that failure to pay in due time may result in you not being able to take your place on, or you being withdrawn from, your studies.

College bills are sent out at the beginning of each term and at the end of your course, and will include:

  • the University Composition Fee (if you are privately funded you will be invoiced for the entire year's UCF in your first bill)
  • Any charges incurred the previous term (e.g. the use of electricity in your room (usually a small amount), photocopying, printing, purchases from the MCR fridge/snack bar, hire of camp beds, booking of guest rooms, etc.)

Students living in college accommodation will also be billed for:

  • Rent in advance for one quarter
  • Laundry Charge of approximately £11 per term for the use of the laundry machines at Leckhampton (no other payment is required when using them)

New students: Please note that you will be sent your first bill on arrival in Cambridge. If you are privately funded you will be invoiced for the entire year's UCF in your first bill.

Your bill will include details on how to pay. The College accepts cheques, bank transfers or UK debit card payments. Payments in cash cannot exceed £10,000 and arrangements for payments in cash in excess of £1,000 must be made in advance.

If you are an international student studying with us, you can also use ​Transfermate.

Any queries regarding the payment of bills should be directed to the Finance Office.

If you encounter any financial problems it is important that you contact your Graduate Tutor so that solutions may be found at an early stage.