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Space and Accessibility

Access to the Taylor Library is via the main door in Kwee Court: entry is granted by activating the electronic lock using your University card (access is granted to College members only). Once inside the building, the upper and lower floors (first floor and basement) can be accessed from the ground floor via the stairs or by the lift. Areas that are not accessible to wheelchair users include the Girdlers' Room (meeting room), the computer room and the main basement seating area (all require the use of steps). Downloadable floor plans outlining physical access are available from this page.

For library users with particular needs, we strongly advise making contact with the librarians in advance:

An overview of specific features relating to accessibility are listed below. 

Disability information and general accessibility

  • The entrance hall and ground floor are level with the paving in Kwee Court for wheelchair access.
  • Main entrance is card-operated using your University card but is not power assisted (manually pull to enter, push to exit).
  • The lift is accessible from the ground floor and can take users (including wheelchair users) to both the basement or the first floor.
  • All steps and stairs have hand rails (including steps to Girdlers' Room and the computer room), with the exception of the steps from the basement floor to the main basement seating area.
  • Two disabled toilets are available in the building (one in the entrance hall; another on the first floor): red emergency cords will trigger an alarm in the Porters Lodge.
  • Media Room (a meeting room) is accessible for wheelchair users under normal circumstances.
  • Further assistance and information can be given by the librarians in the Library Office during working hours (phone (01223) 338052; email: In the absence of the librarians, assistance can be given by the Porters Lodge in emergencies (phone (01223) 338000).


  • Taylor Library has over 100 desk spaces located accross three floors.
  • Standard fixed-height wooden desks give 68cm clearance beneath the desk throughout the building.
  • Standard straight-backed wooden seating has a seat height of 45cm throughout the building.
  • Fixed-height lecterns (for standing use) are located in the law library on the ground floor: reading angle is fixed at 45 degrees (space for 6 working concurrently)
  • Two power assisted height-adjustable desks are located on the ground floor.
  • Two ergonomic chairs accompany height-adjustable desks.
  • All standard desks have inbuilt LED tube lighting and plug sockets which can be operated from the central/adjacent control panels. Free standing desk lamps are also available (we advise that you ask the librarians if you require these).

Catalogue, book borrowing and returns

  • Books can be searched using the University libraries catalogue, iDiscover, which can be accessed online using your own device.
  • Fixed screen catalogue terminals are available for searches (see above for standard fixed-height desk and chair dimensions). 
  • Books are borrowed and returned on a desk-mounted self-issue machine (desk height 89cm: intended for standing use); borrowing requires your University card; the self-issue machine this requires use of a touchscreen.
  • We strongly recommend that you contact us in advance if you believe that you have difficulties physically finding, borrowing or returning books:

Computing and internet access

  • Wireless internet is available throughout the building (users are required to connect to eduroam).
  • Library printer is located in the computer room (the room is on the ground floor, accessed by climbing two steps with a hand rail).
  • Print jobs can be sent remotely to your printing accounts using the University wireless printing service; to release your stored print jobs, you will need to swipe your university card and are required to use a touchscreen on the printer.
  • Please contact the librarians if you believe that you will have difficulties printing:

Further information