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Food Services

Beginning in Lent 2022 the Catering Team implemented a number of widespread changes to the food and catering provision.

The overall goals of the Team are to reduce waste and decrease carbon emissions with the following:

  • reduce food waste
  • eliminate disposable containers
  • increase plant-based menu offerings
  • reduce meat consumption
  • purchase more fair-trade and sustainable products
Single-use drink containers

In April 2022 the catering team removed all single-use drinks containers and replaced them with KeepCup reusable cups in the Cafeterias and the Pelican Bar.

Single-use food containers

In April 2022 the catering team stopped replacing single-use catering items such as plates, straws, stirrers and plastic cups. Branded reusable containers are now sold in the Buttery and the Pelican Bar, and at Leckhampton. Find out more about our reusable containers

reusable containers

Cleaning stations

The catering staff created two self -clearing food stations in Cafeteria, which allows students and staff to sort their reusable dishes and see how much food waste is created.

Butler Giancarlo explains how to use them.

Reducing meat consumption

The team have increased promotion of plant-based foods as well as increased focus on no-meat-based dish quality.Plant-based and vegetarian options are now provided at every meal. All menus and display of food have been adjusted to show plant-based food items first followed by vegetarian and then meat/fish. The salad bar has increased the range and quality of its offerings, including poke bar and house-made pickles and kimchi.

With the introduction of new menus, over 70 percent of ruminant meat items were replaced with fish, poultry and game.

The team has also introduced more vegetarian options for Formal Halls and College Dinners, and hopes to increase this number.

Self-service buttery

Students and staff are encouraged to help themselves to sides in an effort to reduce portion sizes.

Fair trade products

The team switched coffee provider to Nairobi Coffee who has triple-certified beans now in place for bulk coffee and Cafeteria. 

Nairobi Coffee

Water bottles

The College now serves tap water and on-site carbonated water for all catering and conference functions.

water bottles