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Sustainability at Corpus

The College vision is that sustainability will be embedded in every aspect of life and work at Corpus, and that all members of the College community will be engaged and educated in this vision, and take its principles with them into their futures. We are committed to minimising the carbon footprints and environmental impacts of our estate, operations, everyday working and study practices, and the food and resources that we consume. We recognise that we must respond to the urgent challenge of climate change, to play our part in the transition to a zero-carbon economy, and to conserve the resources, biodiversity and condition of our planet for future generations. 

To consider all matters relating to sustainability in College, the College has established the Sustainability Committee, which reports to the College’s Executive Body and is a cross- College committee, comprising relevant College officers, members of staff, and student representatives. The objectives of the Sustainability Committee are:

  •  To set data/information-based targets, and to monitor and report on progress towards them, including for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption and waste sent to landfill;
  •  To drive improvements in the sustainability of the College estate and operations, including through building projects, building renovations, innovations and modifications, and on-site energy generation schemes;
  • To develop sustainability policies and practices for procurement, consumption, waste disposal and recycling and travel;
  • To drive improvement in biodiversity across the College estate and the use of College grounds and land to support sustainability objectives, for example for water collection, on-site electricity generation; and
  •  To consult, inform and educate all members of the College about sustainability, and to improve sustainability in College through best practice and behavioural change.

Take a look at the sections below to find out more about how we are implementing these goals across College.