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Online Resources

Online catalogues

The principal catalogue in the University is iDiscover, and all catalogued material in the Taylor Library can be found here (you must remember to restrict your search to Corpus if you wish to receive only Corpus results). A wealth of resources are available from the Cambridge Libraries and the University Library.

User accounts and renewing books

iDiscover also gives access to My Library Account for members of the University, which lists all books that a user has on loan from libraries in the University. Log in to your account by entering your user-id (crsid) and Raven password (for University members only). The option to log in is found at the top of the iDiscover page, either by logging into iDiscover first or by clicking on '...' for more options.

You can renew your books by clicking the renew option to refresh the due date if renewal options are available to you. The possibility of renewing is determined by the particular library; if renewal is not possible, the book will need to be physically returned by the due date.

Ebooks and ejournals

The University subscribes to a wide range of ebooks and ejournals from a variety of external platforms, which are accessed via iDiscover or the eresources page. In most cases, you won't need authentication if you're working on campus; however, you will need your user-id (crsid) and Raven password if you're trying to access electronic resources while away from the University.

Subject-specific help

For help with accessing suitable electronic resources in your subject, have a look at Cambridge LibGuides. These are pages are created by subject librarians to help with various tasks, such as using library resources or doing research. For other common enquiries, please see the list of FAQs.