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Thank you for supporting Corpus; your contribution will help us to provide the highest standards of education for talented students from all backgrounds, within an inspiring and supportive environment. You can use the forms on these pages to make a single gift to Corpus by credit or debit card, or set up a regular gift by direct debit

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Gifts of Shares, Land or Buildings

Gifts of Shares

Corpus Christi College Cambridge is a registered charity, number 1137453. Donations of shares by UK resident tax payers which are listed on a recognised stock exchange, units in authorised unit trusts or shares in OEICs are eligible for relief of capital gains tax (CGT). In addition, the market value of the shares on the day of transfer can now be offset against your income tax liability in the year that they are donated.

An example: A donor owns shares valued at £10,000 when donated to Corpus.The donor is charged a broker’s fee of £100 for transfer fee.  The donor can then deduct £10,100 from that year’s taxable income. As a higher rate tax payer the donor may be eligible to reclaim 40% tax relief on this amount, thus saving £4,040. Therefore the gift of shares worth £10,000 will cost the higher rate taxpayer £6,060. The basic rate taxpayer is eligible to claim 20% tax relief, therefore their gift of shares worth £10,000 will cost them £8,080. These transactions would not be liable to capital gains tax.


Gifts of Land or Buildings

UK resident tax payers who donate land or buildings to charity benefit from income tax relief and exemption from capital gains tax, similarly to gifts of shares. The donor must be able to show that the charity has agreed to accept the gift.

The relief works in the same way as Share Giving.  Tax relief is given for the market value of the property as a deduction from the donor’s income tax liability for the tax year when the gift is made. The income tax relief is in addition to exemption from capital gains tax.  The market value of a property is what it would fetch if sold.  The amount that can be deducted is the market value of the property, plus any associated costs of transferring the property (such as solicitor’s fees less any proceeds of the sale, or the value of any benefits received in consequence of making the gift).

Donors should claim their tax relief by completing the appropriate section of their tax return.  If they are not sent a tax return or if they want to claim relief before the end of the tax year, they should contact their tax office for advice.  You should discuss the arrangements carefully with your advisers.  Donors should seek tax advice from their financial advisers.

Matched Giving

Many companies can help increase your charitable donations at no extra cost to you; some will match any gifts their employees make to eligible charities and others even double donations made. This makes a huge difference to Corpus at no additional cost to you.  All you need to do is contact your HR department and ask for a matched giving form. You can then instruct them to match all gifts you have given to Corpus.

If you have any questions about donating to Corpus, please contact the Development Office on or +44(0)1223 339718 and we will be happy to help you.

Corpus Christi College Cambridge is a registered charity, number 1137453.