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People in sustainability

Here are some of the Fellows, staff and students putting sustainability front and centre at Corpus.

Professor Judy Hirst

Fellow Professor Judy Hirst is Chair of the Sustainability Committee and the College Sustainability Advisor.

Judy is a Biological Chemist and Director of the Medical Research Council Mitochondrial Biology Unit (MRC-MBU) at the University of Cambridge. Her research aims to understand the fundamental biochemical and biological processes taking place in mitochondria, and the roles and integration of mitochondria within the cell.

Judy is committed to establishing an evidence base to guide all sustainability initiatives at Corpus. She has recently completed an audit of energy use across the various College sites. The intention is to complete a data set covering the last 4 years energy consumption.

Jenny Zhang

Fellow Professor Jenny Zhang is a Chemist in the Yusuf Hamied Department of Chemistry. She sits on the Sustainability Committee.

Jenny's research develops novel biohybrid platforms for sustainable energy conversion. In particular, she taps into natural energy conversion machineries within photosynthesis.

Jenny is working with the Gardening Team to implement a range of biodiversity measures at College.

Ryan Simpson

Ryan Simpson is the JCR Green Officer 2023. They sit on the Sustainability Committee.

Ryan is a second year Earth NatSci. They are aiming to reduce paper waste in college, widen the availability of food waste bins, and arrange more green events for college.

They say, "I have always been interested in sustainable living and have always tried to do my bit to help. I’m not sure if there was a specific event that inspired my interest, or if it was a combination of media around that subject."

Andy Pullen

Andy Pullin, Head Gardener

Andy has headed up the gardening team since 2020. He has implemented numerous practices across the site to garden in a more sustainable way, re-using garden waste, creating wildlife habitat, planting for biodiversity and reducing the amount of herbicides and pesticides we use.

Jacob Hougie

Jacob Hougie, JCR President for 2023

Jacob sits on the Sustainability Committee. He provides a broader undergraduate perspective on sustainability matters and works with Ryan to encourage student involvement with initiatives. Jacob is a third-year Politics student and in his studies he also approaches the international relations, domestic policy and theoretical aspects of the Anthropocene, environmental protection and adaptation