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Important Dates

You can find useful information on the University’s Term dates and calendars page, including Graduation ceremony dates.

Term Dates 2022-23

Term Start University Term Start Full Term End Full Term End University Term
 Michaelmas 1 October 4 October 2 December 19 December
 Lent 5 January 17 January 17 March 25 March
 Easter 17 April 25 April 16 June 25 June

Keeping Term by Residence

In order to fulfil University requirements for graduation, undergraduates must be in residence for three-quarters of each term - this is called "keeping term". You are expected to reside in Cambridge during the whole of Full Term, since regular teaching and lecturing take place then.

If an undergraduate is not in residence for the whole of Full Term (if, for example, they spend a weekend away), then they must make up the difference with nights spent in residence in the University Term, totalling:

Michaelmas Term: 59 nights
Lent Term: 59 nights
Easter Term: 52 nights

If it's not possible to make up the difference, discussion with the Tutor and the Tutorial Office is necessary,  Permission must be sought from tutors to be away from Cambridge for any length of time during Full Term.  

Other important dates:

  • Room Lease Dates
  • Undergraduate Arrival Day: Sunday 2 October 2022
  • General Admission (Graduation) for Undergraduates: Thursday 29 June 2023