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Congregation Dates

At Corpus Christi we are expecting to present graduands in person and/or in absence on the following dates:


Friday 20 October 2023 (in absence only)

Saturday 25 November 2023 (in person and in absence)

Friday 26 January 2024 (in absence only)

Saturday 24 February 2024 (MAs and other degrees; in person and in absence)

Saturday 6 April 2024 (in absence only)

Saturday 27 April 2024 (in person and in absence)

Friday 17 May 2024 (in absence only)

Thursday 27 June 2024 (General Admission; undergraduates only)

Thursday 18 July 2024 (in person and in absence)


'In absence only' means that Corpus Christi College will not be presenting graduands in person at this particular Congregation. However, you may still receive your degree 'in absence' and your certificate will be available online 10 days after the Congregation. You will also be sent a paper copy of your certificate.

Once you have chosen a date, please contact the College's Tutorial Office ( for an application form at least one month before your chosen graduation date. Please do not attempt to register to graduate via CamSIS.

Those who graduated in absence during the Covid-19 pandemic and were offered the option to celebrate at a later date are still welcome to do so at any of the in-person dates listed here.