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Super-Curricular Resources

This page is dedicated to providing curated resources for prospective students preparing to apply to Corpus Christi College. We hope that you will be able to find some very useful tips to get through the application process but if you have any questions, please be in touch with the Admissions Office.

Corpus Media Collection

We have a collection of recordings from virtual access and outreach webinars. In particular, our Masterclasses Media Collection contains a number of subject-specific talks from Cambridge academics. Watching one of these talks and then following up on suggested reading and particular areas of interest would be a great way to get your super-curricular engagement off to a strong start. We add to this collection after each Admissions Event so be sure to check back if you're unable to attend any of our upcoming events!

Interview Tips from Current Students


Online tools

Super-curricular engagement (exploring your subject independently, outside of the school curriculum) is certainly something we're keen to see in strong applications, so we've put together some suggestions of places you can go to get started with this. There are lots of fantastic online tools for helping you explore your subject outside the school curriculum. Here are a few of our favourites:

  • Cambridge's HE+ website is full of great material on a very wide range of subjects, written by Cambridge students and academics
  • Radio 4's 'In Our Time' contains a large archive of podcasts on lots of different subjects. Listening to a podcast on a topic you're interested in can be a good way to get started with super-curricular engagement. We'd recommend that you then follow this up with some further reading and research on aspects you were particularly drawn to in the podcast.
  • Isaac Physics is highly recommended for any students applying for any course with a mathematical element
  • iWantToStudyEngineering is a website with maths and physics prolems designed to help you compete for Engineering places at top universities 
  • The Conversation provides in-depth news content written by academics and is a good way to keep up with current developments in your subject
  • The Literary Review is a good place to go for engaging reviews of books on a range of subjects. If you're interested in a book based on its review, go and find out more about it!
  • The Institute for Economics Affairs is a useful resource for anyone interested in economics, analysis and policy.
  • Course Reading Lists. Taking a look at some of the material on course reading lists can be a good way to direct independent reading related to the subject you're applying for. Go to subject faculty websites and look for the undergraduate course reading list (like this Philosophy example). You definitely shouldn't feel like you have to work your way through an entire undergraduate reading list before applying, but engaging with and reflecting on a couple of reading suggestions can be really helpful.
  • Exploring Law: Studying Law at University Learn the basics of law, explore key questions in depth, and hear from students and inspirational legal figures.

Disclaimer: the resources suggested on this page are just some tools that the Corpus Admissions Team have found useful for sparking super-curricular engagement. They are not specifically endorsed by the College, nor are they they only valuable sources of reading and independent study. Use of these specific tools is not required for an application to the College; we simply want to help you find ways to explore your subject outside school.