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Emma Bouckley shoots for the stars with charity giraffe project

Many of you will have noticed the giraffe in a window in New Court over the last few weeks and wondered why the Admissions Office has obtained such a creature. It's because we're participating in a charity art project on behalf of Cambridge Standing Tall's Learning & Community Programme. The goal is to raise money for Break, a charity paving the way for children and young people who have experienced the care system. Dozens of tall and mini giraffes are being decorated by organisations, businesses, individuals, schools and artists to be placed across the city in spring 2024 in a Standing Tall sculpture trail. 

We're happy to report that our long-necked friend has now been beautified by PhD student Emma Bouckley, whose proposed design was not only beautiful, but thoughtful (and included Heidi the College dog for the win). We think the result is even more spectacular than her original winning sketches.


Emma's design was inspired by the phrases ‘head in the clouds’ and ‘shoot for the stars’. The artwork begins at the giraffe's legs with scenes from the British countryside - replete with wildflowers and our beloved Cambridge cows. As the design rises towards the giraffe's head it features stars in the firmament that inspire Corpus students to raise their aspirations and dream big! There are even guest appearances by the Corpus Christi heraldic symbol of the pelican feeding her babies, as well as our College black Labrador, Heidi.

(Fun fact: the knobs on a giraffe's head are known as ossicones and not horns.)

The giraffe will now return to Old House before being submitted for the sculpture trail. Take a look at the photo gallery below for before-and-after views. 

Many thanks to the Tutorial & Admissions team, especially Naomi Walker-Pearl, and to Emma for her wonderful artwork.