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2022 Masterclasses Media Collection


Explore your passion.

The Subject Masterclasses Recordings


Dr David Hardman 'Aiming for all-purpose robotics: How do we design robots as adaptable as us?'


Professor Giulia Viggiani 'Urban tunnelling: the challenges of creating underground space in historic cities.'


Dr Harald Wydra 'Towards a new Cold War? Russia and the West.'


Dr Charles Read 'Why did so many people die during the Irish Famine?'

Dr Laure Miolo 'Medieval magic'



Jeanne Anne Heng 'Developmental psychology perspective: Why children matter.'


Dr Jenny Zhang & Professor Hasok Chang 'Chemistry and its role in answering the world's biggest questions: past, present and future.'

Dr Alexander Fawcett & Dr Adam Clancy 'From making drugs to nano materials'


Professor Christine Lane 'Timing is everything How volcanism ash reveals secret of past environmental change.'

Dr Shreyashi Dasgupta 'Makeshift accommodation in the Global South'



Dr Drew Milne 'Practical criticism'


Professor James Warren'Three problems with truth'



Dr Daria Frank'Multiphase flows: from oil spills to disease transmission'

Dr Qingyuan Zhao'How infectious was COVID-19 when it first circulated in Wuhan?'



Dr Sam Behjati 'An introduction into cancer genomics'

Dr Alexis Joannides 'Reversible dementia'

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I first came to Corpus because of an access event I attended here when I was in Year 9, my school was invited to Corpus to get a feel for Cambridge and university life. I had my heart finally set on Corpus once I attended an open day in Year 12 and got a detailed look at what medicine here was actually going to be like. The central location and the intimacy of the College community is great for meeting people and getting to grips with a daunting environment. The buildings are beautiful and the people are fantastically friendly.

Munaib Chowdhury