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2023 Subject Masterclasses

Registration for these events is now closed.


Explore your passion

We are excited to announce the launch of the 2023 Subject Masterclasses! This flagship series of taster sessions has been attended by over 10,000 students since its inception in 2015 and we hope that this year's programme will continue to inspire and engage students. The masterclasses are primarily aimed at students in Y12 (Y13 in Northern Ireland/S5 in Scotland) but can also be attended by students who are in their final year of GCSEs.

Each masterclass not only involves two academic super-curricular talks, but also a tailored admissions talk and an undergraduate Q&A session. These are perfect both for students who want to explore what degree they might want to study and for those who already know what they want to study and are looking to develop their super-curricular engagement. Each day will run from 10:30 - 14:45 (with a break for lunch at 12:00-13:00) and will all be held live online, on Zoom Webinar. 

We will only accept registrations from teachers or school staff; students can not register themselves. These masterclasses are open to all students but places are limited to three students per school per subject masterclass. Students may attend more than one subject masterclass, or they may attend just part of a masterclass day if they have school commitments that mean they cannot attend for the full programme. The deadline for registering students is 9am on Monday 13 March. 


Accessing the masterclasses: all masterclass days will be held on Zoom webinar. Students with valid nominations will be sent webinar log in details from Please ensure that the email address given for students doesn't block emails from If students with valid nominations have not received the webinar link by Thursday 16th March then please email 


Subject Masterclass Programme - please pass the relevant registration link on to a teacher if you would like to be nominated to attend

  • Monday 20 March: Human, Social, and Political Sciences (HSPS)
    • Talk 1 - Professor Harald Wydra, 'Pushing the Limits in a Global World: Lessons from the war in Ukraine'
    • Talk 2 - Dr Felix Waldmann, 'Punctuation and the Declaration of Independence'
  • Monday 20 March: Philosophy
    • Talk 1 - Professor James Warren, 'Stoics and Broics'
    • Talk 2 - Dr Sarah Fine, 'Nationalism: what's up with that?'
  • Tuesday 21 March: Medicine 
    • Talk 1 - Dr Alexis Joannides, 'Improving standards in clinical practice: how can basic science make an impact?'
    • Talk 2 - Dr Betty Chung, 'The amazing world of pathogens'
  • Wednesday 22 March: Economics
    • Talk 1 - Dr Oleh Stupak, 'Multiple faces of economics'
    • Talk 2 - Darija Halatova, 'Experiments in economics: what can we learn?'
  • Wednesday 22 March: Archaeology
    • Talk 1 - Professor Graeme Barker, 'Why study old bones? The Neanderthal Burials of Shanidar Cave (Iraq)'
    • Talk 2 - Craig Cessford, 'Why study old bones? The medieval people of St John's Hospital, Cambridge'
  • Thursday 23 March: English
    • Talk 1 - Dr Brendan Gillott, 'Introduction to Practical Criticism'
    • Talk 2 - Dr Eliza Haughton-Shaw, 'Fiction and Beginnings'
  • Friday 24 March: History
    • Talk 1 - Dr Charles Read, 'Why did so many people die during the Irish famine of the 1840s?'
    • Talk 2 - Dr Jesus Sanjurjo-Ramos, 'Are you proud of slavery?: Empires and White Supremacy in the Atlantic World'
  • Monday 27 March: Mathematics
    • Talk 1 - Dr Daria Frank, 'Multiple flows: from oil spills to disease transmission'
    • Talk 2 - Professor David Abrahams, 'Numbers, Complex Numbers, and Numerous Applications'
  • Tuesday 28 March: Law
    • Talk 1 - Dr Jonathan Morgan, 'Tort Law in Context: The Problem of Accidents'
    • Talk 2 - Dr Matilda Gillis, 'Use of Force and International Law'
  • Wednesday 29 March: Engineering 
    • Talk 1 - Professor Giulia Viggiani, 'The challenge of creating underground space in historic cities'
    • Talk 2 - Jack Foster, 'Can A.I.s Teach Each Other'

If you have any questions about the the Corpus Christi masterclasses, please email


I first came to Corpus because of an access event I attended here when I was in Year 9, my school was invited to Corpus to get a feel for Cambridge and university life. I had my heart finally set on Corpus once I attended an open day in Year 12 and got a detailed look at what medicine here was actually going to be like. The central location and the intimacy of the College community is great for meeting people and getting to grips with a daunting environment. The buildings are beautiful and the people are fantastically friendly.

Munaib Chowdhury