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Self-Assessment Giving

Corpus Chrsiti College Cambridge is a registered charity, number 1137453.

If you complete a Self Assessment Tax Return and are entitled to a repayment you can choose to have all or part of it sent directly to Corpus Christi College.  You can also ask that the repayment is made as a Gift Aid donation.  HMRC will send your refund (plus any Gift Aid repayment where applicable) directly to Corpus Christi College by electronic transfer.  In order to use SA Donate you need to enter the unique reference code, GAK54GG, for Corpus Christi College Cambridge in the space provided on your SA Return.

Using SA Donate to pass on your own tax relief to charity

Higher rate tax relief on Gift Aid donations and all of the tax relief for gifts of qualifying investments to charity is usually given to you, the donor.  If, however, you would like Corpus to benefit from your tax relief (as well as from receiving your gift) you may be able to use SA Donate to pass it on to them.  If you have paid the correct amount of tax (for a tax year that you make a gift of land or shares to a charity), when you claim the income tax relief or make a claim for higher rate relief for Gift Aid donations, a repayment may be generated.  You can nominate Corpus to receive that repayment through SA Donate.