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Why Corpus as a Graduate?

A friendly global community of Fellows and graduate students is delighted to call Corpus Christi home. So what makes it the perfect base for postgraduate studies?

Corpus is unique amongst Cambridge colleges. Not only do we have both an old central site and a separate postgraduate research campus – Leckhampton – but more than 40% of our student body consists of graduates.

You’re in an ideal location

Leckhampton is opposite Selwyn College, just off Grange Road to the west of the city centre. It’s near the University’s Humanities and Social Science departments on the Sidgwick site and well placed for the Astronomy, Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics buildings in west Cambridge. Our proximity to the Law faculty also makes Leckhampton a good choice for students taking the LLM or MCL.

It’s also nice and close to the University Library, and just a 15-minute walk from the city centre and the College’s oldest buildings. When you need transport, the university-subsided U bus route links both Corpus sites with the train station and the Biomedical campus at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, and with West Cambridge.

You’re in excellent company

About 100 postgraduates live in and around Leckhampton, along with Fellows and academic visitors.

Our graduate community embraces a full range of scholarship – arts, humanities, social studies, sciences and technology. And it’s truly international. Out of those starting new graduate courses in October 2022, 43% come from the UK, and 57% are international students.

Most study for a PhD or an MPhil degree. We also have a group of MASt students in Mathematics and Physics as well as a successful community of LLM and MCL students.

The Warden of Leckhampton, Dr John David Rhodes, represents its interests on the governing body and college committees. He and the other Corpus Fellows come from many branches of learning and research and enjoy taking an active interest in the campus intellectual and social life, often dining on site.

You’re in glorious surroundings

We fully appreciate the importance of life beyond study. Our postgrad campus features a striking mix of old and new buildings set in lush sweeping gardens next to the College’s extensive sports grounds. It has its own hall, kitchen and bar, plus a recreational library, common room and computing facilities.

After your working day, you can share a meal with friends in the charming setting of Leckhampton House or take a relaxing garden stroll before heading home to our welcoming rooms. Your kind of evening?

You can enjoy all Corpus has to offer

Postgraduates are also welcome to use Corpus’ beautiful historic centre on Trumpington Street, where you’ll find catering facilities and a bar, the Chapel, and the Parker and Taylor Libraries. Many postgraduates based at the nearby New Museums and Downing sites join us in College for lunch.


Explore the rest of this section for more information about accommodation, our huge range of amenities, and how to apply.  If you need any help or advice, please contact us.