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Corpus Christi College University of Cambridge

Postgraduate admissions

There is a central admissions scheme for postgraduate entry into Cambridge University. Thus, it is not necessary to apply separately to Corpus Christi College. All enquiries about University courses should be addressed to the Secretary, Board of Graduate Studies, 4 Mill Lane, Cambridge CB2 1RZ.

Application forms, supplied on request by the Board, provide for the listing of colleges in the order of the candidate's preference. Anyone wishing to be considered for a place at Corpus Christi College is advised to put Corpus Christi as his or her College of first preference on this form. The Board of Graduate Studies arranges for admission to the appropriate University Department and the appointment of a research supervisor. The University year commences on 1 October and it is advisable to make application for Ph.D. places by March of the same year, even though final acceptance may have to await the results of degree examinations.

Many of the M.Phil. courses have stricter timetables for application with a deadline as early as January. The University Graduate Studies Prospectus should be consulted for information about deadlines for individual courses. Graduate students studying for a Ph.D. may also be admitted in January, or occasionally April, although there are significant advantages to arriving for the start of the academic year in October.

Cambridge University Graduate Prospectus