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Professor James Warren

MA MPhil PhD

Subjects: Classics Philosophy

Professor Warren teaches for various papers in the Philosophy and Classics Triposes. His research interests include Presocratic philosophy, Plato, Aristotle, and Hellenistic philosophy and his publications range across metaphysics, philosophy of mind and moral psychology, ethics, and political philosophy.

He is the author of Epicurus and Democritean Ethics: An Archaeology of Ataraxia (Cambridge University Press, 2002), Facing Death: Epicurus and his Critics (Oxford University Press, 2004), Presocratics (Acumen publishing and University of California Press, 2007), The Pleasures of Reason in Plato, Aristotle, and the Hellenistic Hedonists (Cambridge University Press, 2014), and Regret: A Study in Ancient Moral Psychology (Oxford, 2021). He is also the editor of The Cambridge Companion to Epicureanism (Cambridge, 2009), co-editor with Frisbee C. C. Sheffield of The Routledge Companion to Ancient Philosophy (Routledge, 2013), with Jenny Bryan and Robert Wardy of Authors and Authorities in Ancient Philosophy (Cambridge, 2018), and with Brad Inwood of Body and Soul in Ancient Philosophy (Cambridge, 2020). 

Research Interests

Ancient philosophy


College Position

Professorial Fellow

University Positions

Professor of Ancient Philosophy in the Faculty of Classics, Chair of the Faculty Board of Classics

College Office/Post

Director of Studies in Classics