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Boutwood Lecture: The Future of Reproduction


Marking 40 Years On • Women of Corpus


The Boutwood Lectures in Lent Term 2024 mark forty years since Corpus Christi first admitted women as undergraduates. Three leading academics have been invited to deliver lectures exploring the future from the perspective of their research, and in relation to issues of public concern, specifically those of justice, diversity, inclusion, discrimination, and freedom. 


The Future of Reproduction


Sarah Franklin is Chair of Sociology at the University of Cambridge where she directs the Reproductive Sociology Research Group (ReproSoc). Her research addresses the history and culture of UK IVF, the IVF-stem cell interface, cloning, embryo research, and changing understandings of kinship, biology, and technology. She has contributed to the fields of gender theory and science studies as well as the study of animal models and visual culture, including bioart.