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2022 Telephone Campaign

Welcome to the March 2022 Telephone Campaign page! Over the space of two weeks, our team of 9 current students will on the phone - calling our alumni across the world. They are looking forward to hearing more about your life after Corpus, finding out what the College was like during your time here, and provide you with an update of things going on in Old House. You can meet our team of current students (pictured above, left to right)

Emma Gibson (2021, English): I’m a first year English student, and although I’m still trying to find my footing, I’m very interested in Renaissance drama, early gothic literature, existential drama and video game design. I’m Corpus’s JCR LGBTQ+ Officer and spend a lot of my time procrastinating from my supervision work by getting involved in the Cambridge theatre scene. Fun Fact: I chose Corpus after my sister and I decided it had the best scarf out of all the Cambridge colleges.

Harry Hult (2021, MML): I’m in my first year of the Modern and Medieval Languages tripos, studying French literature and film, and Russian as an ab initio language; I am particularly interested in philology and comparative linguistics. Coming to Corpus from a state school background, I am keen to support college's ongoing and planned projects to tackle educational and financial barriers in the university admissions process. Fun Fact: The year group at Corpus is 95% smaller than at my sixth form college.

Jamie Charles (2020, PBS): I'm a second year Psychological and Behavioural Scientist and I'm the current JCR President at Corpus. I dedicate a lot of time to ensuring that the JCR is running smoothly and that students are satisfied. As a student that attended the Bridging Course, I love making time to help with Access and Outreach work, to give back to the College that has given me so much! When I'm not being Corpus's number 1 fan, I particularly enjoy research areas such as behavioural economics, applied social psychology and political psychology. Fun Fact: I dyed the front of my hair Corpus pink to celebrate my JCR Presidency!

Ben Palmer-Welch (2020, Linguistics): I’m in my second year of studying Linguistics, with a particular interest in interdisciplinary approaches that combine Neurobiology, Theoretical Linguistics, and Social Cognition. Outside of my studies I am involved in some of the access and outreach work at Corpus, as well as being a Corpus Welfare Officer and the Social Secretary for the Cambridge University Sign Language Society. Fun Fact: I chose Corpus because it sits perfectly between my department and the local Wetherspoons.

Eleanor Ivimey-Parr (2019, English): I’m a finalist in English, and I’m especially enjoying studying Visual Culture, political works of the 1950s, and literature in relation to the creation of the Zombie. Next year I hope to undertake a masters in the History and Philosophy of Science. Outside of my studies I’m involved in access and volunteer tutoring, political activism and am an amateur skater. Fun Fact: My ears move back at loud noises, like a cat.

Toby Mayhew (2020, MML): I’m Toby and I’m a second year languages student studying Spanish, Russian and Portuguese. When not studying and planning my year abroad, I sing with the Corpus Christi Chapel Choir and am on the university’s advanced debate team. As a Welfare Officer in the last year’s JCR, I was able to gain a greater understanding of the importance of measures the college takes to make our students feel welcome and unburdened by financial and social constraints.

Kwaku Gyasi (2018 MML): I’m a fourth-year MML student, studying Spanish and Portuguese. I’m especially interested in the cultures of Latin America. Outside of my degree, I am a part of the Cambridge University Dance Competition Team and like listening to pop music. I chose Corpus because of its central location and small cohort. Fun fact: It’s my goal to become a polyglot - currently on language five!

James Hough (2020, Music): I’m in my second year of studying music: my instruments are clarinet, piano and bassoon. Some of my papers this year include popular music, music and science, and western art music since 1900. In my spare time, I enjoy taking part in musical performance across the university. Projects this year have ranged from playing in a clarinet quartet, to theatre incidental music, to conducting an intercollege orchestra. When not contemplating musical things, I enjoy playing tennis -- albeit not very well. Fun fact: a personal interest I’m nurturing this year lies in videogame music!

Qu Gao (2021, Mathematics): (not pictured) I'm a first-year reading mathematics, and I'm particularly interested in group theory, probability, and theoretical physics. When I'm not doing maths, I can probably be found in a swimming pool; I'm captain of the newly-restarted Corpus Christi swimming society. Fun fact: I also love ceilidh dancing, and I try to go to as many student ceilidhs as possible!