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Recyclable food containers for purchase

Consumption in College of single-use food containers across catering outlets has, understandably, grown exponentially since the start of the pandemic. The College has a good pre-pandemic history with low consumption of take away containers. Now we are going to improve our efforts even more by providing alternative offerings to single-use food containers.

The good news is that on Tuesday 19 April, 2022, we will remove all single-use containers.

The even better news is that we will have Corpus Christi College containers available for purchase. From Tuesday, you can purchase these containers in the Buttery with your College card.

These tastefully branded containers are microwave- and dishwasher-safe with a lifespan of 2,000 washes. Just be sure to label them with your name using a Sharpie.

Small salad box £4.90

Soup pot £6.50

Large meal box £9.00

Special set of three meal containers £20.00