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Research Associates

The College’s Research Associate (RA) Scheme offers short-term collegiate affiliation to postdoctoral researchers and others in similar posts at Cambridge. The RA Scheme offers an opportunity for involvement in the intellectual and social life of the College. RAs are primarily based at Leckhampton, the principal home of our postgraduate community, where a range of lectures and research events are held across the academic year. Leckhampton’s extensive grounds include a dining hall, where informal dinners are served most nights of the week, the College’s playing fields and gym, a music room, and, not least, its famous and extensive gardens. 

Requirements for applicants

Applicants must be of postdoctoral standing and may be graduates of any university.

They must, at the time of their appointment, and for the duration of their appointment, be working at the University of Cambridge (or an associated research institution) in a post-doctoral research role. There are no conditions of age or subject attached to these positions; however, in selecting RAs the College aims to achieve a balanced representation and may give preference to applicants who are not already members of a Cambridge college. A Research Associateship at Corpus cannot be held in conjunction with a similar position at another college.


RAs are members of the College with access to the College’s sports facilities and gardens, and have dining privileges at Leckhampton. RAs will also be offered the opportunity to dine at High Table and at College feasts on a number of occasions across the academic year. A common room for RAs will be provided at Leckhampton, and RAs will be able to book guestrooms at Leckhampton. There will be a Research Associates page on the College website with a photograph and short biography of each RA. Whenever possible, a newly-appointed RA will be allocated a College mentor from the Fellowship. RAs’ primary point of contact in the Fellowship will be the Warden of Leckhampton.

Expectations and opportunities

For those appointed to a Research Associateship, a close involvement in College life at Leckhampton is anticipated. RAs might be expected, for example: to dine regularly at Tuesday night 'sit down' meals in Leckhampton Hall; to mentor postgraduates interested in post-doctoral work; to engage with the College’s widening participation efforts; to help with graduate-run conferences and seminars. RAs will also be encouraged to present their research to the Fellowship and MCR. For those interested, there may also be opportunities for some undergraduate teaching.

Research Associate Scheme 2022/23

Applications for 2022/23 have now closed.