Flag of Leckhampton

The Leckhampton Flag

Two different flags are flown at Leckhampton, depending on the day. On feast days, and other days in which the college flag is flown at Old House, the Banner of Arms of Corpus Christi College is flown. This is the same flag usually flown at Old House. It is divided into quarters with the upper left and lower right quarters being red with a white pelican-in-her-piety, representing the Body of Christ, and the upper right and lower left quarters being bluer with three white lilly flowers representing the Virgin Mary. By tradition, the flag flown at Leckhampton also has the addition of a green border. Green is the traditional colour associated with Leckhampton and which serves to distinguish it from the rest of the College, so the green bordered 'banner of arms' flag is often simply referred to as the 'Leckhampton Flag', although this is not, strictly, accurate. On matriculation day each year, the current president and the youngest matriculand raise the flag before the procession from Leckhampton to the main college.

The College Clubs Flag

On days when the banner of arms flag is not flown, the 'clubs' flag of Corpus Christi is usually flown. Clubs flags date from the mid-19th century, and have almost fallen out of use in Cambridge, although not entirely. Jesus College traditionally flies their red and black clubs flag from their boat house on race days, and the 'Blues' clubs flag (plain Cambridge Blue) is carried at the Boat Race in London. Clubs flags are unusual in that they specifically belong to the student body, rather than the fellowship. Corpus's clubs flag is roughly 3 by 5 and red over white. Because clubs flags are somewhat informal by their nature, the exact shade of red is not specified and varies widely from the 'raspberry' pink of the college scarf to the 'ox-blood' maroon of the boat club. Usually, the clubs flag is a simple, bright, red colour, largely because such flags are easily obtainable. At Leckhampton, the clubs flag is usually flown with green streamers attached to the upper hoist, representing the Campus.