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corpusJCR is the website of the JCR (Student Union) of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. The JCR acts to represent all student members in the College, as well as helping with any welfare problems and providing services to make life easier—including this website.

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Pudding ParTea Tonight in JCR!

Wednesday April 23 2014 (9:50am) by Zara Overton under Welfare.

Good Morning Corpus,

Tonight, between 7:30-9:30pm in the JCR, we’ll be hosting our very first Welfare ParTea!

Even if you can only tear yourself away from your studies for a few minutes, that’s plenty of time to come and grab some well-earned desert (cream cakes, tarts, cheesecake, gateaux and more…) get there early to avoid disappointment.

The ParTeas are being hosted simply as fun events to brighten up your week. Drop in sessions and teas are also being run on a weekly basis as quieter and more intimate welfare gatherings.

Have a lovely day, we hope to see you later!

Welfare love,
Joe and Zara

Open Meeting Agenda

Tuesday April 22 2014 (6:41pm) by Fawz Kazzazi under General.

1. Ratifying the minutes from the last Open Meeting:

    VOTE: These minutes are a true and accurate record of proceedings (FOR/AGAINST)

2. Heating in college and as to whether it should be turned on or off (for more information, click here)
    VOTE: The heating in (Insert part of College) should be turned off (FOR/AGAINST)

3. Steve has contact me about changing the bar opening hours on Saturday to open at 12pm and shut at 11pm — although the usual restrictions on serving of alcohol will stand (for bar opening hours, click here)
    VOTE: The Pelican bar opening hours should be changed on Saturdays to 12pm - 11pm

4. With the bar being refurbished next Christmas vacation, there have been discussions about re-arranging the bar furniture. There are three potential layouts.
    a. We can keep the bar as it is. 
    b. We can move the games facilities (including the new table tennis table) into the JCR to free up an extra TV room (note: the TV in the JCR would stay there with ~60% of the seating capacity compared to before). 
    c. Following some comments from members of the JCR about there needing to be an extra TV. We could move the pool and table football tables from the games room to the lower bar (behind the pillars where the table football is at the moment), the foldable table tennis table to the JCR (at expense of the partition that is on your right when you walk into the JCR from the bar) and turn the current games room into an extra TV room. 

It is worth mentioning that the bar refurbishment will include changing the hole in the wall, between the bar and games room, into a trophy case. This means that some of the noise transfer between the two areas will be reduced because there will be glass or acrylic of some sort on either side of the hole.

VOTE: Keep the bar layout as it is (FOR/AGAINST)

        Move the furniture in the bar as stated in 4b. (FOR/AGAINST)
            Move the furniture in the bar as stated in 4c. (FOR/AGAINST)

If you cannot make it but would still like to vote, then email me to vote by proxy.

Kind Regards


Welcome Back: What's On

Tuesday April 22 2014 (6:38pm) by Fawz Kazzazi under Entertainment.

Dear Corpus,

I hope everyone has had an enjoyable and productive vacation. To help
you ease back into the work and hectic exam term routine, there will be
several events going on in College during the first week of Easter Term.

Tuesday 22nd April, 2.30pm: Easter Egg Hunt

Come on down to the bar at 2:30pm to grab a bag for the Easter Egg Hunt!
With 100s of eggs being hidden around College, will you be the one to
find the most? Also, up for grabs is a prize for the person (or people)
that can find the (toy) chick hidden somewhere in College. You can keep
all of the eggs you find!

Thursday 24th April, 8pm: A viewing of Frozen in the JCR

Our LGBT+ Officer, Jonathon Cushenan, has organised a viewing of the
film “Frozen” in the JCR for everyone to enjoy. A lovely opportunity to
relax and see the film that critics say: “takes the lead by default” and
“ranks right up there with ‘Beauty and the Beast and ‘The Little
Mermaid’ in the Disney pantheon”.

Friday 25th April, 3-5pm: Cambridge Marrow

A chance to give to something in just 15 minutes: Marrow is the
student-run arm of Anthony Nolan, a charity which works to recruit
people to join a bone marrow transplant register (they analyse a sample
of saliva). Anthony Nolan currently only finds a matching donor for
about half of the people who need one, and so they really need a lot
more people to keep joining. Come down to the bar on Friday between 3
and 5pm, and you could be a life-saver (literally!).

Friday 25th April: SLACK!

More details to follow from our Ents Officer, Sky ‘King’ Kang.

Sunday 27th April, 9:15pm: Master’s Lodge Concert

The Benet Club invite you to join them at the last m’lodge concert of
the year. Kick back, relax, sip wine and listen to some of the best
musical talent around! I hear they really look forward to seeing you

Throughout the week: Welfare Events

Look out for emails from your Welfare Officers, Zara and Joe, for
information on the stress-relieving events that they’ll be hosting
during the Easter Term.

Finally, a big congratulations to our very own Corpuscles that competed
in their light blue stash for Cambridge. Notably, congratulations to
Greg Street for rowing in the winning lightweight boat, and Archie
Myrtle for leading the Modern Pentathlon team to victory (for the first
time in 18 years) where the “whole team got full blues”.



Easter Term Welfare!

Tuesday April 22 2014 (11:03am) by Zara Overton under Welfare.

Welcome back to Corpus everyone!

Here’s to hoping you had a sweet holiday out in the sunshine before you
get down to the hard work for the term. But it’s all about a fair
balance of work and play, which is why we’ve got a whole selection of
welfare events happening every week this term. We’re trying some new
things this term, so please let us know if you have any ideas about what
we could do better!

1) Welfare ParTea

So this is new. Every week, we’re going to be having not just Welfare
Tea, but also Welfare ParTea, for a couple of hours in the JCR. Both
welfare officers will be around for these, and there’ll be themed
goodies. (Every week, the theme will allow us to get out the Welfare
CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN!!!!! Oh yes…it exists.) This week, Welfare ParTea
will be on Wednesday, from 7:30-9:30 (after Evensong). The theme is
“Pudding Party”-exactly what it says on the tin. We’re talking
cheesecake, we’re talking cream cakes, we’re talking tarts galore. If
you’re still in the library then, you probably need a break, and you
definitely need a sugar boost. This should be a fun, relaxed event, with
more than enough chocolate to wash away exam fears.

2) Welfare Tea

The classic. You know the drill. This’ll be quieter than the ParTea (at
least in Joe’s tiny room please). If you want a chance to sit down,
drink tea, and steam your worries away- ;) Sorted! We’re going to do
one Tea a week, with each officer alternating weeks. This week is Joe’s,
and it’ll be in Benet 32 (go in the Eagle door and just follow the
stairs up, up and up) on Friday between 7:30 and 9:30 pm.

3) Drop-Ins

We can all get a bit down, so if you’d like to come to chat to us about
anything a bit more private, we’ll be alone in our rooms for 2 hours
every week. Joe, in Benet 32, will be around on Sunday between 2 and 4
pm. Zara, in S6, will be around next Tuesday (29th) between 1 and 3pm.
Remember you can always come round anyway, but these are just times when
we’ll definitely be around.

4) Society Events

We’re working with Ryan to get everybody organising events which aren’t
going to be welfare-run, just fun events for anybody to turn up to. This
will only happen if you guys come to us saying you’re willing to have
one-so please help us out! Captains of sports teams, presidents of
societies, please get in touch with us or Ryan if you would like to
organise, just for a couple of hours, an event that any member of Corpus
could get involved in.

5) Chapel Chill

Every other week, we will be having Chapel Chill. For those of you who
don’t know, this means blankets in the Chapel, with resident
Ents-meister Sky Kang pumping out some mellow tunes to calm us all down.
And there will be bubble wrap…

6) Yoga

Alternating with Chapel Chill, we will be continuing the tradition of
previous years, and holding yoga in the Bursar’s Garden (or the bar, if
the weather isn’t kind). Who doesn’t want to learn how to do a Tiger
Monkey stance to relax?? Hopefully, this Saturday-but watch this space.

We’ll be sending out weekly emails with the times and dates of every
event. We hope we’ll see lots of you at them, as it will just be sad if
we’re left standing on our own…

Remember, you can get in contact with either of us at any time on our
numbers 07447547368 (Joe) and 07964264689 (Zara), emails
jpo...@cam.ac.uk and zo2...@cam.ac.uk or by knocking on our doors, Benet
32 and S6.

Hope you all have a great term!
Welfare love
Joe and Zara

PS: Sorry for the monster post-promise they’ll be shorter from here on

Hall Menus Online Now

Thursday April 17 2014 (8:52pm) by Jack Patten under General.

Dear all,

Lunch and evening menus for the first 4 weeks of Easter are now online here.



Easter 2014 Formal Hall Menus

Wednesday April 9 2014 (6:58pm) by Jack Patten under General.

Dear all,

The first 4 weeks of Easter Term’s formal menus can be found here:




Formal Menus for Easter

Wednesday April 9 2014 (3:31pm) by Fawz Kazzazi under General.

A message from your Catering Officer, Jack Patten:

Dear all,

Formal menus for the first 4 weeks of Easter 2014 are now on the corpus JCR website.



Survey on Sexual Harassment in Cambridge

Thursday April 3 2014 (1:56pm) by Zara Overton under Welfare.

A message from Jess Franklin and the Corpus Welfare Officers on behalf of CUSU Women’s Campaign and Varsity newspaper:

Dear Corpus Students,
Whether you’re male or female, please take the time to fill in this questionnaire put together by Varsity and CUSU Women’s Campaign about your experiences of sexual harassment in Cambridge. It is completely anonymous and should take you no longer than five minutes.
The information you provide will help us to understand the scale and nature of sexual harassment in Cambridge, and will inform policies and support for students who have experienced sexual harassment and violence in the university.
Thank you

Porters and Plugs

Wednesday March 26 2014 (1:20pm) by Fawz Kazzazi under Amenities.

Dear Corpus,

I hope everyone is enjoying their vac and being (or at least trying to be) productive!

The Porters have asked me to inform you all that they will be selling international plugs (international to UK conversions) in the P’lodge for £1.50 (I’m told this is a good price). This is because there have been recent concerns about a few people using unsafe plugs for their appliances, so College are providing their own *Rob-Approved* plugs.



PS (procrastination story): A very interesting tale http://www.hellou.com/2014/03/kill-random-person-gang-initiation-chose-3323/

Lunch This Week

Tuesday March 18 2014 (12:34am) by Fawz Kazzazi under General.

A message from your JCR Catering Officer, Jack Patten:

Dear All,

This week (excluding Friday) lunch arrangements are slightly different:

- Hall is open from 11:45 to 12:15 to serve the usual lunchtime food

- ‘Pelican Street Food’ will be served in the bar from 12:00 – 13:30:

    - Tuesday: Indian
        - Wednesday: Mexican
    - Thursday: Thai
    (See attached menus)



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