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corpusJCR is the website of the JCR (Student Union) of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. The JCR acts to represent all student members in the College, as well as helping with any welfare problems and providing services to make life easier—including this website.

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Easter 2014 Formal Hall Menus

Wednesday April 9 2014 (6:58pm) by Jack Patten under General.

Dear all,

The first 4 weeks of Easter Term’s formal menus can be found here:




Formal Menus for Easter

Wednesday April 9 2014 (3:31pm) by Fawz Kazzazi under General.

A message from your Catering Officer, Jack Patten:

Dear all,

Formal menus for the first 4 weeks of Easter 2014 are now on the corpus JCR website.



Survey on Sexual Harassment in Cambridge

Thursday April 3 2014 (1:56pm) by Zara Overton under Welfare.

A message from Jess Franklin and the Corpus Welfare Officers on behalf of CUSU Women’s Campaign and Varsity newspaper:

Dear Corpus Students,
Whether youíre male or female, please take the time to fill in this questionnaire put together by Varsity and CUSU Womenís Campaign about your experiences of sexual harassment in Cambridge. It is completely anonymous and should take you no longer than five minutes.
The information you provide will help us to understand the scale and nature of sexual harassment in Cambridge, and will inform policies and support for students who have experienced sexual harassment and violence in the university.
Thank you

Porters and Plugs

Wednesday March 26 2014 (1:20pm) by Fawz Kazzazi under Amenities.

Dear Corpus,

I hope everyone is enjoying their vac and being (or at least trying to be) productive!

The Porters have asked me to inform you all that they will be selling international plugs (international to UK conversions) in the Pílodge for £1.50 (Iím told this is a good price). This is because there have been recent concerns about a few people using unsafe plugs for their appliances, so College are providing their own *Rob-Approved* plugs.



PS (procrastination story): A very interesting tale http://www.hellou.com/2014/03/kill-random-person-gang-initiation-chose-3323/

Lunch This Week

Tuesday March 18 2014 (12:34am) by Fawz Kazzazi under General.

A message from your JCR Catering Officer, Jack Patten:

Dear All,

This week (excluding Friday) lunch arrangements are slightly different:

- Hall is open from 11:45 to 12:15 to serve the usual lunchtime food

- ‘Pelican Street Food’ will be served in the bar from 12:00 – 13:30:

    - Tuesday: Indian
        - Wednesday: Mexican
    - Thursday: Thai
    (See attached menus)



JCR Handover + End of Year Report

Friday March 14 2014 (10:34am) by Jamie Wilman under General.

Dearest Corpus,

As Lent term draws to an end, it is time for the JCR Committee of 2013-14 to step down and make way for its glorious successor under the wise tutelage of Fawz and Kate. With such a strong incoming committee, CorpusJCR has an exciting year ahead of it and I look forward to seeing what the new committee will bring to Corpus.

Highlights and achievements of the JCR Committee 2013-14 include:

- Secured a 7.5% increase (c. £2000) in the JCR Budget from College; virtually all requests for Sports and Society funding granted
- introduced ‘one-off’ purchase applications to allow a democratic way to suggest useful ways to use JCR funds
- One of the lowest rent rises (4.5%) in years (compared to 4%, 6%, 8% 10.7%, 11%), and the introduction of price bands to the room ballot system
- Approx. 75.6% of undergraduates voted and 34 candidates ran in JCR elections, one of the highest turnouts of any Cambridge college; voting now possible on-line thanks to the introduction of Corpus’ own on-line voting platform
- Continued disaffiliation from CUSU; contributed to the debate about CUSU’s future at many other college’s open meetings
- Very successful Freshers’ Week, welcoming the most freshers in Corpus’ 662 year history
- More free condoms secured from central University funding; chlamydia testing at slacks
- Introduced free outdoor yoga sessions in exam term, indroduced ‘Chapel Chill’, and ran frequent welfare events, from tea to film nights
- Prize room system reformed to fairly reward the best performing students
- Sound and light equipment upgraded for Slacks, worked with the MCR to organise two Slecks; organised Corpus’ first ever Slack in Cindies for the Challenge
- Secured £12,000 funding and student input for renovation of the college bar in Christmas 2014
- New JCR Playstation 3, pool cues, communal board games in the JCR, and new table-football table, new kit for Hockey and Lacrosse teams
- Successfully organised the Corpus Challenge at home without incident; dominated Corpus Oxford
- Expansion of JCR handover literature, improved co-ordination between Sports and Societies captains and JCR, and between JCR and college staff
- Not one, but two room ballots
- Promoted and made Corpus’ LGBT+ community a friendly, welcoming and supportive community for all, through frequent gatherings and events with other colleges
- Organised international freshers week and dinners with international students from other colleges

The above are just highlights, and in addition the committee have soldiered on in the background with the business of signing cheques, giving feedback about food, representing your views to college, handling welfare crises as they arrive, and countless other everyday tasks that keep Corpus going.

​It has been an absolute pleasure to represent you this past year, and rarely a chore. We’ve made it through the slackatrophes, mopped up chunder, handled “bag-gate” and have come out the other side. Corpus JCR has managed to avoid the irrelevance and descent into petty partisanship that so often mares student politics, and has managed to remain a useful resource for its students. Long may this continue.

Thank you again to the JCR Committee who have worked tirelessly this past year to make Corpus a better place to live and work, they have been a pleasure. Go on, give a committee member a hug.

Much JCR love, for the last time,

Prize Room Ballot

Wednesday March 12 2014 (9:05pm) by Jamie Wilman under Academic affairs.

Dear Upcoming Second Year Balloteers

Hot on the heels of the ordinary ballot comes the Prize Room
Ballot! If you wish to put in a bid, please read the notes
on the attached form carefully before you fill it in and
look at the info
here .

Please note that the deadline for return of completed forms
to me at midnight on Sunday 30th March is final – no late
entries can be accepted whatever the reason so don’t risk
leaving it to the last moment.

Any questions – you know where I am.


Introducing your new JCR committee

Thursday March 6 2014 (9:32pm) by Jamie Wilman under General.

After much cross-checking and double-checking, and triple-checkling, I hereby present you with the JCR committe for 2014/15.
JCR President Fawz Kazzazi
Vice President Kate Poskitt
Secretary Natalie Picken
Academic and Access Maddie Hayes
Amenities Rupert Thompson
Green and Charities Jules Pars
Female Welfare Zara Overton
Male Welfare Joe O’sullivan
Sports and Societies Ryan Potter
Ents Sky Kang
Ethnic Minorities Sujit Gnanakumar
International Students Adrien Yeung
Catering Jack Patten
LGBT Officer Jonathon Cushenan

You may be highly interested to see the counting at the end of this email. This genuinely was an election in which every vote counted!

As returning officer, I am satisfied that these results represent a true and fair election, and I pronounce the committee elected.

The count has been verified by Paul Gordon, JCR Vice President, and Oscar Key, Undergraduate Computing Officer.
34 Candidates stood for election, representing 12% of the undergraduates at Corpus. If this proportion of all undergraduates ran for CUSU sabbatical positions, they would have had 1445 candidates.

The total voter turnout was 209, of which 197 were undergraduates and 12 postgraduates. This represents an undergraduate voter turnout of 73.9%. This is a phenomenally high number.
This is a massive statement of faith in the role of the JCR committee at Corpus, and I would like thank everyone who put themselves forward – and voted – in this election.

As per the JCR constitution, the new committee will take office on the last day of Lent Term, Friday 14 March.

Until then, the current JCR committee are still here to support you in any way we can.
Much JCR love,


Super Hall

Wednesday March 5 2014 (5:55pm) by Jamie Wilman under Welfare.

A message from your outgoing JCR Catering Officer, Sam Twells:

Dear Corpuscles,

The menu for next week’s four-course Super Hall on Wednesday 12th March is now available at <http://www.corpus.cam.ac.uk/jcr/archive-file-download.php?file_id=660>.

Just as a quick reminder, tickets cost £13.90 and will go on sale via Upay at midnight on Sunday 9th. Booking closes at 12pm on Tuesday 11th. I hope to see many of you there!

Culinary love,



JCR Elections - VOTE NOW!

Wednesday March 5 2014 (8:12am) by Jamie Wilman under General.




Who for?
View the candidates manifestos here:
Read what the candidates said at hustings here:

Then decide.

In the words of Will Smith:

 "If you don't vote, then you have to shut up."



Polling is open from now until 9pm this evening, when the JCR Committee for 2014-15 will be announced automatically at the above URL.

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