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corpusJCR is the website of the JCR (Student Union) of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. The JCR acts to represent all student members in the College, as well as helping with any welfare problems and providing services to make life easier—including this website.

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Michaelmas Term JCR Spending Report

Monday December 1 2014 (5:41pm) by Chris Sarnowski under General.

Hey Corpus,

Here’s a link to a document containing all the incomings and outgoings of the JCR Current Account this term:

If you’ve got any questions, please get in touch.

For sports and societies captains/presidents that requested reimbursement before 30th November, the cheques are on their way. We’ll start online transfers next term when the Co-Op Bank get their act together…

Mo-Noel-etary love,

Horrific Christmas pun. Oops.

P.S. Open Meeting, tonight, 7pm, Pelican Bar

Open Meetings & Stash

Monday November 17 2014 (4:23pm) by Fawz Kazzazi under Academic affairs.

Dearest Corpus,

Open Meetings [very important]

Wednesday 19th November, 6.45pm, Bar
Freshers’ Rep Hustings – this is different to the original date of 20th November
Rent Proposal – a chance to discuss the outcome of the rent negotiations. This will determine the rent prices for the next year (2015-16)

Thursday 27th November, 7pm, Bar
We’ll be voting on the motion: “The undergraduates will have a referendum on CUSU (re)affiliation.”
CUSU representatives will be invited to speak at the event
You can read more about the original disaffiliation here. There will be further explanations at the Open Meeting.

Monday 1st December, 7pm, Bar
Ahead of the Constitution re-draft, I am proposing a new JCR committee structure.
At the moment (unless I decide otherwise), if a motion is passed in agreement with the restructure then the change will be drafted into the new constitution – ahead of the constitution referendum in Lent. This proposal would prevent the need for two over-lapping referendums.
The decisions made in this meeting could really affect JCR life in the future (take note first and second years), so it is quite an important meeting to attend.


Three points to note here:

Cheques are payable to “Corpus Christi College Junior Combination Room”
THE PRICES HAVE BEEN UPDATED – I received an email yesterday with amended prices. It seems that the items to be affected are sweaters, polos & socks. I have attached an updated purchase form. Apologies for any inconvenience.
I am currently pursuing Corpus pants (for stash purposes). In my original request, I did ask for quotes for pants as well as boxers (and they did actually quote me for some) but this seems to have got lost in the countless emails.

Thanks to the societies and teams that have already expressed interest in using this supplier for their team stash. Just so you are aware, the embroidery can be altered/personalized for your team/society!

JCR Love,

Fawz xoxo

Final JCR Budget 2014-15

Wednesday November 12 2014 (8:13pm) by Chris Sarnowski under General.

You can find the final version of the JCR Budget for this academic year http://bit.ly/1yA511I by clicking here?.

It was approved by majority at an Open Meeting on 10th November 2014.

Online reimbursement system coming soon…

JCR Preliminary Budget 2014-15 & OPEN MEETING - 7PM, BAR, 10TH NOVEMBER

Sunday November 2 2014 (7:05pm) by Chris Sarnowski under General.

Dear Corpus,

Finally, it’s here – the JCR Preliminary Budget for 2014/15! (Second time lucky…)

It can be found here – click on Item 7

It’s been a very difficult year seeing as the income and requested expenditure are so far apart – at £35,056.61 and £44,824.58 respectively. As such, inevitably, there will probably be some societies who might be disappointed with their allocation. We’ve tried to share the burden where possible, so that no society goes without anything we viewed as urgent. To try and counter this as much as possible, we’ve taken the decision to dip into the reserve funds accumulated from previous JCR Budget surpluses (note, NOT the JCR Special Reserve fund, which is for emergencies only) to help iron out some of the shortfall.

For anything not in the budget but that could be useful, there’s always the one-off purchase system, which is in effect a further round of budget allocations – see details here:

JCR Budget – corpusJCR

The budget will be on display from this evening, outside the post room, and in your inboxes. Consider this the start of the 7 day (at least) notice period, before an open meeting to approve the budget, which will take place:

Monday 10th November, 7pm, Pelican Bar

If you have any queries about the budget, or there’s anything you’d like to discuss, please get back to me (cps36) or Fawz (fk276) as soon as possible. Getting in touch before the open meeting will be looked upon favourably, to keep it as smooth as possible.

Monetary love,


Freshers' Week Timetable 2014

Friday October 3 2014 (10:45am) by Fawz Kazzazi under Entertainment.

Here it is! Hope to see you at as many events as possible.

Michaelmas Menus

Wednesday October 1 2014 (5:13pm) by Jack Patten under General.

Hi everyone,

Menus for Formal Hall, Lunch and Dinner are now on the JCR Website here.

Have a great term!


International Freshers' Week 2014

Monday September 15 2014 (6:07pm) by Fawz Kazzazi under Entertainment.

Here is the International Freshers’ Guide for 2014!

Squash Court Opening! Woooooo!

Tuesday August 19 2014 (10:28am) by Ryan Potter under Academic affairs.

It took longer than expected, but the squash court is back open for use. The floor has been sanded and varnished, and so I would like to remind everyone that you should NOT play on this court unless you are wearing CLEAN COURT SHOES. Please respect this request to keep Corpus’s only squash court in a good condition.


Squash Court Closure

Tuesday July 1 2014 (9:53pm) by Ryan Potter under Sports and societies.

Dear Corpus,

You may notice that the squash court is currently not available for use. This is due to urgent re-roofing works that need to take place from Monday. They are scheduled to last up to three weeks and will prevent entry into the court(but not the gym).


Garden Party and Afternoon Alcohol

Friday June 13 2014 (12:54pm) by Fawz Kazzazi under Entertainment.

Dear Corpus,

You can still buy garden party tickets (they will be charged to your College account) for £9 (alcoholic) and £5 (non-alcoholic). To do so, come to the bar on Monday between 12pm and 4pm – where I will be selling tickets. If you cannot wait until then, Kate Poskitt will be carrying the tickets so just speak to her to purchase some!

The Dean and Senior Tutor (and Fellows) have agreed to allow the serving of alcohol in the bar from 12pm to 2pm during May Week. This is a first for Corpus, so please respect and enjoy the privilege.

Kind Regards



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