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corpusJCR is the website of the JCR (Student Union) of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. The JCR acts to represent all student members in the College, as well as helping with any welfare problems and providing services to make life easier—including this website.

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Squash Court Opening! Woooooo!

Tuesday August 19 2014 (10:28am) by Ryan Potter under Academic affairs.

It took longer than expected, but the squash court is back open for use. The floor has been sanded and varnished, and so I would like to remind everyone that you should NOT play on this court unless you are wearing CLEAN COURT SHOES. Please respect this request to keep Corpus痴 only squash court in a good condition.


Squash Court Closure

Tuesday July 1 2014 (9:53pm) by Ryan Potter under Sports and societies.

Dear Corpus,

You may notice that the squash court is currently not available for use. This is due to urgent re-roofing works that need to take place from Monday. They are scheduled to last up to three weeks and will prevent entry into the court(but not the gym).


Garden Party and Afternoon Alcohol

Friday June 13 2014 (12:54pm) by Fawz Kazzazi under Entertainment.

Dear Corpus,

You can still buy garden party tickets (they will be charged to your College account) for 」9 (alcoholic) and 」5 (non-alcoholic). To do so, come to the bar on Monday between 12pm and 4pm – where I will be selling tickets. If you cannot wait until then, Kate Poskitt will be carrying the tickets so just speak to her to purchase some!

The Dean and Senior Tutor (and Fellows) have agreed to allow the serving of alcohol in the bar from 12pm to 2pm during May Week. This is a first for Corpus, so please respect and enjoy the privilege.

Kind Regards




Thursday June 5 2014 (9:55pm) by Fawz Kazzazi under Entertainment.

Dear Corpus,

Please see the information below about the slack!


PS: For those of you who just want to know the theme, please look for the big red writing.


My Dearest Denizens of Dance,

The Prince of Parties is back! In an unexpected plot Twist, Sky has brought me back out of retirement to do one last slack… and it’s a cracker! And unfortunately for you, that means one more email!

We shall now play a game… Tell me when you know what the theme is:

By the end of the night, you will have a light and somewhat ineffective tan.

Wrong! It is not a UV slack! Now try again….

You may never want to smell the scent that can only be described as “tropical” again after this slack.

FOOL! It is definitely not a pineapple slack! Next….

You may discover the discomfort of getting silica-based-particulates in places where silica-based-particulates should never be found!

Silly Billy! It is seriously not a sand slack. Though that could be cool… maybe I will bring some sand*…

Last clue:

You might find that a small movement in the vaguely downhill direction, whilst treading upon the aforementioned silicon-based-particulates, might change your dryness status to wet. Or perhaps soggy.

Sorry, wrong again… It’s not a beach slack! Or a seaside slack. Or a coast slack.

I must have been nuts to think that you could possibly guess the theme from these obvious clues… Brazil nuts!


Actually it might be a beach slack… let me just check in my EntsAlmanac**…





Get your sandy selves down to the Pelican Beach (Bar) at 9pm on Friday 13th June for a beach party of epic proportions!

Dust off your hibiscus prints and prepare your coconuts.

Slather on the sunscreen and open your parasols***.


Lots of Ents love,

Sam Twist

  • There will be sand****.
    • Twist S. (2013), EntsAlmanac: A brief history of raves, 1st Edition, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK.
      • Please do not bring parasols to the beach slack as they present a safety hazard and could result in permanent symptoms of death, or probably just blindness.
        • There really won’t be any sand.

Corpus Wine Society Garden Party

Thursday June 5 2014 (3:00pm) by Fawz Kazzazi under Entertainment.

Dear Corpus,

Below is some information from Mossy Wittenberg about the upcoming Corpus Wine Society Garden Party/Relaunch on Monday 16th June.

Exam term love,



4-6pm – Monday 16th May – Bursar’s Garden

Corpus Wine Society is relaunching! Join us on Monday of May Week for a delightful afternoon of drinking some delicious wines, and perhaps learning a bit about them in the process. (If you’ve had enough of learning you can just drink them.)

The wines will include Three Squirrels Brut, a light, fresh sparkling wine from the Hazel End Vineyard near Cambridge, and an unusual sparkling Shiraz. Snacks and soft drinks will also be provided.

The full list of wines is below

Tickets cost 」15, charged to your college bill. To book, email Mossy (agw45) with your name and CRSid. Non Corpuscles are very welcome, they can be added to the tickets of college members tickets or can pay separately by cheque (see below).

If you are graduating at the end of this term it isn’t possible to charge your college bill. To book a place, leave a cheque made out to Corpus Christi College in my pigeon hole (A. Wittenberg), with your name and CRSid on the back.

The deadline for bookings is Tuesday 10th June



Hazel End, Three Squirrels Sparkling Brut 2010
Dacastello, La Clivie Extra Dry Brut Prosecco 2013
Ca Vit, Prosecco 2012
Frassinelli, Conegliano Valdobbiadene Extra Dry Prosecco

Karth舫serhof, Eitelsbacher Auslese 2004
Cave de Lugny, Le Chanay Macon Cruzille Burgundy 2010
Cederberg V Generations, Chenin Blanc 2010


Magpie Estate, The Tight Cluster Sparkling Shiraz 2008

Georges Duboeuf, Jean Descombes Morgon 2009

Looking forward to seeing you there,


JCR Email - 4th June 2014

Wednesday June 4 2014 (11:17pm) by Fawz Kazzazi under General.
    • JCR News
4th June 2014

Dear Corpus,

There will be lots of exciting events in the next few weeks, so for those of you that are still doing exams – hang in there!

I’m trialling this new email format and I’d appreciate any feedback on the structure/layout of this message.

Kind Regards,


    • Garden Party

I will be selling Garden Party tickets in the Bar from Tuesday onwards between 12:30pm and 13:00pm. If you see me around College, I will be carrying them in my bag, so feel free to stop me to buy some. The Garden Party will be on Tuesday 17th June between 3pm and 6pm. There will be an outdoor concert in Kwee Court from 8pm after the garden party. It will involve comedy sketches until 8:30pm, followed by a DJ set until 10pm. The bar will then remain open until midnight that evening. Tickets for the Garden Party are 」5 (non-alcoholic) and 」9 (including unlimited alcohol). You will be responsible for your own ticket – no replacement tickets shall be given.
    • SLACK

There will be a slack on Friday 13th June in the bar. Keep your eyes peeled for an email from Sky with more details!
    • Open Meeting

There will be an Open Meeting in the bar on Tuesday 10th June at 6:45pm. The agenda is as follows:
  • Ratification of the previous meeting’s minutes (found here: goo.gl/leZUDO)
  • Smoking Area – Discussion of the current area and potential for another
  • Newnham House 39 Week Lease – More information to follow
  • Any other business – please contact myself (fk276) or Natalie (np398) to add any items to the agenda
    • Careers Officers

Following the high quality of applicants, and the advice of Catz (for more than one officer), the JCR committee has elected and would like to congratulate Geordie Hazeel (Careers President), as well as James Usmar & Olivia Symington (Careers Officers). If you would like to see the results of the vote, please contact me (fk276).

A student named Lawrence, and 5 fellow students, from Emmanuel College will be cycling for Land’s End to John O’Groats to fundraise for two charities (The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and Mind). You may see Lawrence, or his fund box, in the bar so let’s help him reach his target!

A Clockwork Orange - ADC Theatre, 20th-24th May

Monday May 19 2014 (10:01pm) by Fawz Kazzazi under Entertainment.

Anthony Burgess’ play based upon the controversial and provocative 1962 novella, set in a future society of extreme youth disorder. Involving Corpus students Jamie Rycroft as Assistant Producer, and Simon Lock as Assistant Stage Manager. Book tickets at http://www.adctheatre.com/clockwork

Menus - Second Half of Easter

Sunday May 18 2014 (10:23pm) by Jack Patten under General.

Dear All,

Menus for Formal Hall, Cafe lunch and dinner will be repeated for the rest of term. This means that Monday 19th May corresponds to Week 1. Find them here.

New Salad Bar prices:
- 」0.60 per portion – this is per item. So if you have beetroot and tomatoes then it will be 」1.20
- 」1.90 per ’salad plate or box’ – this is 」1.90 for unlimited salad of whatever type you want
- 」2.45 for a ’salad plate or box’ with protein
- 」1.40 for a green salad plate or box
- 」0.85 for a protein pot



Admissions Event - Tomorrow!

Thursday May 15 2014 (4:45pm) by Maddie Heyes under Academic affairs.

Hi all!

So we need a couple of helpers for an Admissions event going on in Corpus tomorrow.

We have a group of students and teachers taking part in the Archeology Department’s Higher Education Field Academy, and we need help taking them to lunch and giving a tour of college afterwards. Helpers need to outside of Hall at 12.40pm, and will be finished by 1.45pm at the very latest. As usual, you’ll get a free lunch if you help out!

Email Janet (jmr41) if you would like to help out,

Hope everyone is loving the sunshine,

CUSU Women's Campaign: Events This Week

Tuesday May 13 2014 (2:33pm) by Zara Overton under Womens.

Hi All,
Here are the events and notices from CUSU Women痴 Campaign this week, the CUSU Women痴 Officer is Lauren Steele. If you want to be more involved in the Women痴 Campaign, you can join their Facebook group or follow them on Twitter for their updates. There痴 also a website but it痴 not updated so often.
Web: www.womens.cusu.cam.ac.uk
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/CUSUWomen
Twitter: twitter.com/CUSUwomen
E-mail: wom...@cusu.cam.ac.uk

Exam term is a busy one, welfare duties have been piling up, but in Michaelmas there痴 the intention of re-instating the Corpus Women痴 group, feel free to get in touch with your thoughts / ideas/ suggestions on this.


BringBackOurGirls Solidarity Photos
Wednesday 14th, 2pm, outside King痴 College

CUSU Women痴 Campaign together with ALL OF YOU we want to show solidarity to the people in Nigeria, especially the families of the missing girls and add our voice to the #BringBackOurGirls campaign. Over 200 teenage girls were abducted from a boarding secondary school in North-East Nigeria. The terrorist group, Boko Haram has claimed responsibility. They do not believe women need an education. We need to raise our voices and put pressure on governments to take action.


We want to take a photo of 276 women to represent the number of girls who have been abducted.

We want to take a photo of everyone who wants to show solidarity, holding signs that spell out #Bring Back Our Girls.

We want to take photos of any of you who would like to write a personal message on why you care.

Outside King痴 at 2pm
PHOTOS on Clare Memorial Court Steps 2.15pm


We need YOU to turn up even if there is rain this is SO IMPORTANT take out 30 mins from revision and join us in showing our support with the people of Nigeria and the families of the missing girls.

For more info look at the fb event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1472734476296614/


Her Naked Skin
Tuesday 13th Saturday 17th, 7.45pm, ADC Theatre
Her Naked Skin by Rebecca Lenkiewicz was the first play written by a woman to be performed on the largest stage at the National Theatre, in 2008, and opens next week at the ADC Theatre. Set in London in 1913 during the height of the Suffragette Movement, it follows the story of a love affair between two women in Holloway Women痴 Prison. This is a play where personal lives intermingle with politics and women struggle to get their voices heard in a patriarchal government.

The independent called it 殿 great drama about women, by a woman and Michael Billington of the Guardian gave it 4 stars and declared that 鏑enkiewicz痴 real concern is to show how female militancy transcended class and sexual convention.

Here, our director Rose Reade explains why the play means so much to her and you can also find the link to book tickets:

Newnham Women痴 Speaker Series; Dr. Lauren Wilcox
Tuesday 20th, 7.45pm, Newnham

Join us after grad supper for a wine reception and our Newnham Women痴 Speaker Series!

Speaking on one of the topics covered in her forthcoming book, Dr Wilcox writes:

Airport security assemblages treat travelers as informational patterns, and then as abject flesh in the process of locating dangerous or risky bodies.At the same moment that travelers are transformed into abject bodies by 礎ody scanners, these bodies are dematerialized, made into information to be analyzed for evidence of risk. I argue that the lived experiences of travelers in airport security assemblages are situated at the nexus of the material and symbolic, and reveal how these categories are intertwined in the production of biometric bodies as ultimate truth. In particular, transgender people and other bodies that do not conform to gender expectations reveal the problematic location of 奏he material (and thus 壮ecurable) in the bodies of humans. I theorize airport security assemblages as a site of struggle over the meaning of materiality and 奏he real and as a contested site of the production of both safe and unruly bodies in the name of protecting populations.

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