Social activities will be offered on most afternoons each week. Possible activities include a guided tour of the extraordinary Parker Library at Corpus Christi  to view its unique collection of medieval and renaissance manuscripts, a visit to the King’s College Chapel, a walk along the River Cam to take tea at The Orchard Tea Room at Grantchester, a visit to the Fitzwilliam museum or the University Botanic Garden, or the following architectural tours:

The Wren Library, Trinity College
Visit one of the most beautiful buildings in Cambridge. This stunning library, designed by the world-famous architect Sir Christopher Wren, houses a rich and diverse range of treasures: hundreds of illuminated manuscripts, a lock of Isaac Newton’s hair, letters by Lord Byron, and even the original manuscript of Winnie the Pooh! This is a rare opportunity to explore the library’s collection and to learn more about the history and architecture of Cambridge’s grandest college.

Three Wren Chapels
Sir Christopher Wren is best associated with rebuilding the city of London after the Great Fire of 1666, but it was in Cambridge, with the construction of Pembroke College Chapel, that Wren’s architectural career began. The great architect continued to build in Cambridge throughout his life. This walking tour looks at the college chapels of Peterhouse, Pembroke and Emmanuel, which, in their own ways, tell the story of Wren’s career as well as the profound changes that transformed seventeenth-century Britain.

For those attending the two week programme, or the first one week programme, Saturday 2 September will be spent in London where there will be the option to join a specially organised tour, together with free time to explore the city’s many sights.

The afternoon of Sunday 3 September will be spent visiting the charming city of Ely, located just a few miles outside of Cambridge. Ely is home to one of England’s finest medieval cathedrals and participants will wander through this stunning Gothic structure and learn more about its history and the people who have made this site so important for over a thousand years, explore the city’s historic sites and relax in Ely’s charming shops and cafes.



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