Master Classes 2017


Corpus Christi Masterclasses 2017

Places for the Masterclasses have all been allocated and the nominating teachers have been sent emails informing them of the outcome.

The Masterclass programmes, with timings, are now available, click on the Masterclass title below.

All students allocated places are required to read the Visit Guidelines for Masterclasses. Attendance at the Masterclass is taken as acceptance of the Guidelines Terms and Conditions.

The Masterclasses are free and lunch is included.  Please email any dietary requirements by Friday 10 March, stating which Masterclass you are attending, to

Travelling to Cambridge and Corpus advice sheet.

For those students to whom we are unable to allocate a place, there are still opportunities to visit Corpus on one of our Open Days.  Bookings should be made via the online form on our Open Days webpage.


LawLaw (20 March) featuring:

  • ‘Defining Fault in Tort Law’ – Mr Colm McGrath
  • ‘Making and Remaking the Constitution: The Brexit Litigation’ – Dr Tom Adams
  • ‘Take care! The problem of accidents’ – Dr Jonathan Morgan


Economics (21 March) featuring:

      • ‘The paradox of thrift: How rational actions can have irrational consequences’ – Dr Pontus Rendahl
      • ‘Why do vacancies and unemployment co-exist?’ – Dr Jake Bradley
      • ‘An Introduction to Econometrics’ – Dr Paul Kattuman

French WWI poster_FLIKR_MonceauModern & Medieval Languages (22 March) featuring:

      • ‘The Importance of Nietzsche’ – Dr Martin Ruehl
      • ‘Contemporary Italian Documentary: Gianfranco Rosi’s Fuocoammare (“Fire at Sea”)’ – Dr Rhiannon Harries
      • ‘Contemporary French Film: Céline Sciamma’s Bande de filles (“Girlhood”)’ – Prof Emma Wilson

Classics-and-EnglishClassics (23 March) featuring:

  • ‘Languages in Flux’ – Dr Jo Willmott
  • ‘Plato and the Problems of Democracy’ – Dr James Warren



Music (23 March) featuring:

      • ‘Inspired by Harmony: How Music, and Culture in General, are Shaped by Fine Harmony’ – Mr Nick Danks
      • ‘The Sound of the Synagogue’ – Dr Rachel Adelstein


Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 12.19.03Biomedical Sciences (24 March) featuring:

      • ‘Pain and Lessons from the Naked Mole-Rat’ – Dr Ewan St John Smith
      • ‘Malaria: the most dangerous alga in the world’ – Prof Christopher Howe
      • ‘Bone and mineral metabolism in health and disease’ – Dr Vickie Braithwaite

Parker_Library_01Anglo-Saxon, Norse & Celtic (28 March) featuring:

  • Tour of the Anglo-Saxon manuscripts in the Parker Library
  • ‘”Until the Dragon Comes”: Myth and Legend in the Medieval North’ – Dr Brittany Schorn
  • ‘A Clash of Kings: The Battle of Brunanburh and Tenth-Century Britain’ – Miss Rebecca Thomas

SONY DSCChemistry (28 March) featuring:

      • ‘The Chemistry of Water: Everything you need to H2Know’ – Dr Ben Pilgrim
      • ‘Chemistry at the Cutting Edge’ – Presentations by three Corpus PhD students about the new discoveries they are trying to make in the laboratory
      • ‘A Game of Ketones: A look at Chemistry in TV Programmes, featuring some worked problems from previous UK Chemistry Olympiad Round 1 Papers and Lower Sixth Cambridge Chemistry Challenge Papers’ – Dr Ben Pilgrim

PhilosophyTheology, Religion & the Philosophy of Religion (29 March) featuring:

      • ‘Human Identity in an Age of Nearly Human Machines’ – Dr Beth Singler
      • ‘Wise Folly: Theology, Politics and Laughter’ – Dr Simon Ravenscroft
      • ‘The Issue of Gender and the Task of Theology’ – Ruth Jackson

PhilosophyPhilosophy (30 March) featuring:

  • ‘Trolleys and Transplants’ – Dr James Warren
  • ‘What are we?’ – Ms Ali Boyle
  • ‘Preparing for Philosophy at University’ – Dr Marina Frasca-Spada

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