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Dining and Amenities

Leckhampton House contains dining facilities providing two-course sit down evening meals on Tuesdays, and buffet meals on Monday – Friday evenings. It also has a new bar, as well as a television and reading room, which receives a selection of newspapers and periodicals. Films are regularly shown on Sundays. Leckhampton House also provides wireless networking.

Small, shared kitchens are provided in all the residential buildings on the Leckhampton site. However, the College does not provide cooking utensils, saucepans, cutlery or crockery.


The library at Leckhampton has been described as a ‘country house library’.  That is, its primary role is recreational.  The aim is that all the books in all the sections should be accessible to all the residents.  It does, however, contain some reference books to answer those niggling questions that arise at two o’clock in the morning!  All the sections now are arranged alphabetically by author with the exception of Biography (arranged by subject), Art (arranged by a mixture of author and artist), Reference (arranged randomly as it contains such an eclectic mix of books, maps etc that we haven’t worked out a way of organising it!).  The library contains between four and five thousand books.  One of the best things ever said about it by a former resident is that it contains those books you always meant to read but never quite got around to.  It’s small enough to find them too.  Suggestions for and donations of new books are always welcome.

The library contains the following sections: Art, Biography, Literary Criticism, Crime Fiction, Drama, Film, History, Humorous Books, Music, Novels, Philosophy, Poetry, Reference, (PS) Social (or Human) Sciences, Natural Science, Science Fiction, Theology, Travel.


Leckhampton has its own music room, with a Steinway grand piano, where the College musical society, the Bene’t Club, and others give concerts from time to time.

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