Activities at Leckhampton

leckhampton-partyLeckhampton has various well-established social and cultural activities. For example, the Stephen Hales and Leckhampton Societies provide regular opportunities for research students, Fellows and others to talk about some aspect of their work or interests. The University’s postdoctoral society (PdOC Society) also meets at Leckhampton once a term.




In addition to formal dinners held regularly at the central College site, special dinners are also held at Leckhampton. The Middle Common Room (MCR), to which all graduate students belong, organises its own dinners, often hosting graduates from another college in exchange for the experience of dining in other colleges.

Sunday teas are a further social tradition at which guests are welcome.

The presence of students from many British and overseas universities makes for a lively and stimulating community at Leckhampton. Social events are arranged by the MCR Committee and video nights, garden parties, barbecues and wine tastings are all features of the social life. The atmosphere and degree of social activity relies primarily on the graduates themselves, with the MCR Committee acting as organisers. The success of Leckhampton has come about in large measure through the enthusiasm and commitment of the residents themselves.

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