What our priorities are and how we are doing

Strategies and plans, performance indicators, audits, inspections and reviews.
Annual reportThe Annual Review of the College, is published in its annual Accounts.Corporate and business plan

The College does not produce corporate or business plan.

Teaching and learning strategy

This section contains information regarding the management of teaching and learning within the institution, including mechanisms for reviewing and ensuring the quality of teaching provided.

The dates of University Terms are published on the University website at www.cam.ac.uk/univ/termdates.html.

The colleges’ Senior Tutors’ Committee publishes an agreed description of the educational provision expected from the colleges, and monitors colleges’ implementation by periodical reviews with Tutorial and Admissions Offices.

The most recent report of the Quality Assurance Agency on the University of Cambridge includes information about College provision.

Detailed information for students on all aspects of graduation ceremonies, is available on the University website at www.admin.cam.ac.uk/univ/degrees.

The College adheres to standards agreed by the and the Senior Tutors’ Committee and the University

Supervisors complete termly reports on their students, available indefinitely subsequently to the student, mostly via CamCORS.

Academic Quality and standards

The academic assessment of students at the College is conducted through Tripos and other University examinations (for undergraduates) and through the Board of Graduate Studies of the University (for graduate students).  Information may be found on the University’s website at www.cam.ac.uk.

External review information

The Tomkins Table, showing the comparative performance of Colleges in undergraduate examinations is available from wikipedia.org

Corporate relations

The College has no corporate relations.

Government and regulatory reports

The College is registered with and are members of the ANUK code of practice covering the provision of student accommodation/residential developments.  http://www.anuk.org.uk

Corpus Christi College is a member of the National Codes of Standards. These are schemes designed to provide a minimum set of professional standards for larger student accommodation providers regarding their accommodation management. This offers students peace of mind in knowing that we follow professional standards of service.

The Codes ensures that tenants receive good standards of housing management. Disputes and misunderstandings are reduced, and where problems do occur they are resolved quickly.

The benefits of living in student accommodation which complies with the Codes include the following:

  • Your contract is clearly written stating your rent amount and any other fees that you need to pay for, such as a deposit
  • Your accommodation is ready for you when you arrive
  • Your accommodation, including all furniture and fittings are in a reasonable condition
  • Your accommodation is secure
  • Repairs and maintenance will be carried out within agreed timescales
  • Your accommodation complies with health and safety standards which covers such things as fire prevention and electrical safety
  • If a deposit is charged, you will know what it is for and it will be returned to you promptly at the end of the year with a clear explanation of any deductions
  • A set procedure is in place to deal with disputes and complaints effectively.

For further information, visit the National Code’s website.

Reports will be shown here when they are produced following registration with the Charities Commission.

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